Barbeque Trends for 2012

Duff Dixon of Ontario Gas BBQ forecasts ten barbeque trends for 2012. They are as follows:

The use of fruit woods and planks to smoke food

Wood smoke gives barbequed or grilled meats their unique flavor. Indoor chefs are now taking their talents outdoors and want more flavor variety

Continued growth in pellet smokers
Pellet technology creates even convection heating for great flavor to deliver outstanding results. The “Set & forget” automatic temperature control makes long cooking times for smoking a snap.

Outdoor heating solutions
Control the weather by using outdoor heating solutions to spot heat the outdoor spaces you BBQ and entertain in. Extend your season!

Sauces, seasonings and rubs
New lines of BBQ products offering incomparable taste and convenience. The food channels have elevated interest in all kinds of new products.

Charcoal BBQ’s

Old school BBQ enthusiasts have brought back charcoal in a big way. Many choices to suit all budgets.

Thermapen technology
Displays actual internal food or liquid temperatures in only three or four seconds. Another indispensible gadget for the outdoor chef. (and indoor chef!)

Outdoor Wood Ovens
Not just for Pizza in 4 minutes... these ovens can cook just about anything! They also roast, grill, and bake.

Kamado Style Cookers (Like the famous Big Green Egg)
With these slow cookers, you can crank up the heat to over 800 degrees for high heat grilling or throttle them back to 225 degrees for hours of low and slow smoking... and everything in between.

Outdoor Kitchens
From small islands to full blown outdoor kitchens these set ups can be as elaborate as you want –only limited by your imagination.

Back to Basics
The love and interest in good old fashion charcoal barbecuing is still alive as many folks are interested in a charcoal add-on to their gas grill. With over 50 tons of charcoal going out the door, we are seeing huge interest in quality hardwood charcoal.


  1. My boyfriend jokes that the reason he asked me to move in with him is so that he'd acquire another Thermapen. He has one or two. He also does competition BBQ.