Why I like Pinterest

There's been a lot of chatter about Pinterest lately, as the latest 'It' social media platform. I've had several discussions about it, from a client strategy perspective, as well as a curious user who is testing the space. This post strays somewhat from my typical-lightly-food-related-banter, be forewarned. I'll call out the food angles, wherever applicable.

The world doesn't need another Facebook. Online communities always crave a new way of communicating with one another. Below are what I consider to be some of the most major recent social platforms and why they were exciting when users discovered them.

When Twitter emerged, it was exciting because it was like being on Instant Messenger with everyone. The moment I fell in love with Twitter was when I realized it could make my whole world open up. Suddenly people I wouldn't normally be able to access were available to me, but, more importantly, I started to connect with new people through Twitter and build out a broader pool of contacts, for work, play and staying informed. Often, I would meet them in person later, but in some cases, people have remained online friends. But still friends. 

Twitter is like karma: you get out of it what you put in. What's your perfect job? Answer that and then find a bunch of people on Twitter that do that job or matter to that job and interact with them. Build relationships with them. Watch what they do. Get that job. In case it isn't evident, I love Twitter the most of all social platforms. Food angle: people who don't have the patience for Twitter say it's only people discussing their lunches. Not true, but there is a thriving community of food conoisseurs.

Foursquare was exciting because it was based on location. It seemed to pose so much promise, but the service now lacks thrills for most users and location-based developing doesn't need to rely on Foursquare. Food angle: restaurants locations are available on Foursquare if you want to find addresses or connect with other food-lovers.

Instagram quickly became a new favourite of mine, and still is. It's so stimulating to be able to capture little slices of life and add filters for effects. Most of all, I appreciate seeing what other users share. I like going through people's pictures and imagining how they must see the world- what they pull out, what they focus on, the filter effects that that they choose. I like reviewing my own pictures too, and seeing how even I see things. Obviously Flickr came long before Instagram, however, it has taken on more prestige as a 'serious photographer's domain' and might not be as widely accessible as the ever-democratizing Instagram. Food angle: food is great content for Intagram pictures snapped on your smartphone.

Pinterest is also a visual feast that allows the user to curate collections of images and articles or videos, much as one might in a scrap book or on a bulletin board. The interface is very simple and the layout is clean and stunning, making for an pleasant visual experience. Let your experience on Pinterest flow organically and it will take you in surprising directions. I've learned things about myself from using Pinterest, such as that I really, clearly only want to live in open-style spaces. All the home images had different kinds of decor, but lofty ceilings in common. Furthermore, I've created an album dedicated only to spiral staircases, and another to organization. I would never have made a scrapbook of either of those two things. Food angle: the aesthetically-lovely interface design makes for a great place to post recipes and create sub-categories. There are also lots of food lovers using the service.

What do you think? Do you enjoy using Pinterest?


  1. As I am sure you can tell by my own Pinterest boards, I LOVE Pinterest. I love it for a lot of reasons. First, it's kind of nice to have something personal on the internet. With the exception of a lame attempt to create a "Pinterest Portfolio Board" and a few interesting business articles my pinning is reserved for cute shoes, interior design tears and recipes, recipes, recipes. At first I had a hard time getting in to it, and then I decided to finish decorating my house. It quickly became my go-to place. I love that I have complete control over how I categorize my pins and I love the visual aspect. I am in the throws of decorating our den, so having a "Den" board is very, very helpful! It's also nice that I can quickly show Jeff what I've collected as inspiration and if there's something that we don't agree on I can delete it or move it around (to my "next marriage board", ha ha).

    I have been reading some recent posts however about ownership and copyright and how Pinterest deals with these important issues and I am starting to question the moral and legal implications of pinning.

  2. Amazing response. Thanks so much Amanda! I think you are right about the ability to develop ones own categories - that's definitely one of the more exciting parts of Pinterest.

    I also agree regarding the ownership and copyright concerns. It will be interesting to see how they weather that storm and whether Pinterest will need to offer additional credit to other sources.

  3. I love Twitter. I love Twitter a lot. But, like all other social media, it is not the best way to get all jobs.

    Where I work, the non-disclosure rules means it's difficult to discuss what I do in detail during a job interview, never mind in a public forum. And I'm in software development for banking -- not exactly a niche industry.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Katherine!

    Makes sense to me that some jobs require more tight lips about the specific details of your occupation, but, ultimately, my feeling is we are all responsible for some level of personal filter, whether our occupations are particularly private or not. The social channel is only as beneficial or detrimental as the actions taken by the person using it.