Liquid Gold

After posting about Olivado the other day, I clearly had olive oil on the brain. Touring around Charlottetown, PEI, I came across the rather distinctive, Liquid Gold Tasting Bar & All Things Olive.

The store is filled with metal barrels containing a variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegars from all across the world and you can taste them all with tiny spoons.

They are arranged from lightest to boldest and then there are flavoured varieties of olive oil, balsamic, and white balsamic. The girls who work in the shop told me they bring dry salads each day and then experiment with the different selections. One of the more compelling suggestions was to pair the coconut olive oil with the lime-infused white balsamic to make Pina Colada-style vinaigrette.

I had the hardest time choosing! I spent what felt like hours in the balsamic section: chocolate, no, blueberry, no, blackberry, no, white balsamic pear...

Eventually, I tried the classic, traditional, 18 years aged balsamic and it had me. Smooth as silk! To accompany it, I wanted a traditional olive oil with a distinctive flavour so I went for the Portugese Picual, which has a very grassy taste. I also picked up a small container of black truffle sea salt.

If it hadn't been for the, ahem, convictions of my companion, I would have stayed there all afternoon. Well, lucky for me, Liquid Gold has an online store so you I can spend a fortune there anyway- and you can too. (They also sell soaps and creams that are infused with olive oil!)

The Halifax-based company's prices range from $15-20 for 375mL, with most being $18.


  1. Thanks for the post here Jess (even though I'm only getting to read it now). Have often wondered how to use olive oil to enhance my very modest gastronomical experiences...this definitely sparked some ideas. Looking forward to more great ideas from your blog. Cheers,