Popchips: The hype is legit

    Like myself, you've probably seen Popchips around town everywhere and been wondering what was up with them. I noticed them at natural food stores in Toronto like The Big Carrot, as well as alternative lunch spots like Freshii.

    I recently had the chance to sample the full roster of flavours- everything from Salt & Pepper to Barbecue to Cheese. They have a delicious crunch and a texture that somewhat resembles a rice cake.

    What makes Popchips so great is that they are a completely natural alternative to status quo chips. Instead of being fried or baked, Popchips' potatoes are 'popped' through a combination of pressure and heat.

    They contain no MSG and are vegan and gluten-free- so almost anyone can eat them!

    I shared my samples at work and the chips were a big hit with the ladies, less so with the gents (I think they just need to adjust!) If you have a savoury tooth, take the crunchy, airy alternative and pop some Popchips. Highly recommended!


    amandalaird said...

    I got hooked on PopChips two years ago when I was doing Weight Watchers. So salty! I love them!

    Jess Bennett said...

    You are quite the early adopter! I was a much more recent convert :)

    Alexander said...

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