Sheep Testicles

Earlier this summer we had a barbecue with some Middle Eastern friends of ours. We had a feast: quail, Cornish hens, octopus,  and lamb. It was wonderful. Our friends told us of a Persian delicacy that was banned in most parts of Iran: sheep testicles.
A few weeks later, we gathered for our friend Heather's surprise birthday party Our friends brought the sheep testicles as promised.
We ate the sheep and lamb testicles on grilled flat bread. The taste was mild and buttery with a texture like foie gras. Some of our friends struggled with the mushy texture.
Below is a video of the sheep ball being prepared for grilling on the barbecue by my friend, The Micker. I wouldn't recommend watching it if you're got a weak stomach:


  1. I've eaten some weird things in life, but this one, sheep testicles, somehow never came my mind. But they sure look like something that aren't for weak stomach!