Franco Stalteri = Charlie Burger

I received a message on Twitter this weekend from Mr. Charlie Burger himself indicating that he was the waiter who had served me at the two Charlie's Burgers events I attended. I remembered who he was immediately- Franco: a handsome and warm gentleman who made the entire experience lovely. 

The word is out.

James Chatto wrote a piece in the Saturday Globe and Mail about Franco, whose day job is director of experiential marketing for Your Brand Integrated Marketing Communications, a company I've had some dealings with over the past couple of years. If this whole Charlie's Burgers experiment is any reflection of the kind of buzz Stalteri can create, he's done very well.

Stalteri said the reveal came because the secret had "run its course." I feel sad that the charade is now done, but it sounds like there are more Charlie's Burgers dinners in the works for the future. 

If you'd like to read my overview of experiences with Charlie over the past couple of years, click here.

And go. You should go.