No E. Coli for Me

In light of the recent E. Coli outbreak in Europe and my return to green smoothies in the morning, I decided that I would start making my own sprouts at home. I purchased a Bio-Snacky kit from The Big Carrot on the Danforth and a few packets of seeds to get me started.

Place in an area with indirect sunlight. Water morning and evenings. No soil. Boom! They're ready in three days. I'm never buying expensive organic sprouts at the store again for $5.50. The seeds run about $3.50 and you get a few batches out of them.

Oh yeah, are you wondering why you should eat sprouts? Well, they rival meat in protein and compete with tomatoes for vitamin C. They are low fat and high fibre. They've been traced back to biblical times (you know how I feel about biblical foods) and basically single-handedly solved the problem of scurvy with sailors in the 1700s.

Sprouted vegetables and grains are a really easy way to up the nutritional value of any meal because your body is able to digest them more easily than the mature versions and absorb more benefits from them. (Squirting lemon on your fruits and vegetables helps too because it breaks the enzymes down and allows your body to absorb more nutrients.)


  1. I love my electric sprouter. Great tip about lemon!

  2. I try to constantly remind myself to put lemon on everything.