Restaurant Review: Delux

Last Saturday, I went for dinner to Delux, a restaurant that chef Corinna Mozo says is a fusion of Cuban and French cuisines. I appreciated the decor immediately: it looks spacious and laid back like a high-end diner with soft, modern lighting. With its grey booths and whitewashed walls, they must have had me in mind.

The menu has a tight but solid offering of well-made cocktails that have a retro feel. I had a Kir Royale, consisting of cassis syrup and champagne. Other's drank Manhattans and Cosmos. For brief moment, I felt self-conscious about our cocktail selections, like a young adult ordering a drink in a bar for the first time. But I had conversed only the evening before with Adam McDowall, one of the cities top cocktail advocates. I had decided during that conversation that I would relish in more cocktails when drinking. And so, I had begun.

Warm bread starts the meal out on the right foot.

The menu includes a tempting lamb sausage main with lentils, roast chicken and fish dishes. In the winter time, the Cuban side of the menu is confined to only the Cuban Sandwich, which one of my companions had and enjoyed. I had the steak frites and it was lovely. I had been craving red meat. Somehow they infused the crispy, shoestring fries with a meaty, brothy flavour. I'm curious how it was performed, whether they treated the potato before frying or infused the flavour into the oil.

As a decadent and delious finish, I ordered the made-to-order chocolate chip cookies. They arrived - all SIX of them with a glass of 2% milk. And they were hot, gooey and heavenly.

I found the atmosphere at Delux to be laid back and relaxing with excellent food and attentive service. I was very pleased with our meal and I'd go back in a flash.

(I've heard their brunch is great. I can't wait to try it.)

92 Ossington Avenue
(At Humbert Street)

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