What is herbal tea?

I recently purchased a French Press for the purpose of making my own herbal tea infusions. I've been trying to avoid caffeine from black and green teas while hydrating my body and absorbing the healing properties of the aromatic herbs, flowers and fruits that herbal teas are comprised of. Black, Green and White teas are from from the Camellia sinensis plant. Other varieties of tea like Rooibos or Chamomile are considered herbal since they do not technically come from the 'tea' plant. Focusing on herbal infusions has opened up my eyes to how many ingredients can potentially become tea. Throw any of the ingredients below into a French Press. Use as little or as much as you wish. Add boiling water and let steep for 7-10 minutes then press!
  • Peppermint and Lime - soothing for the stomach, refreshing like a Mojito
  • Orange Peel, Ginger and Vanilla - brimming with vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties, good detoxifier
  • Triple Lemon: Lemongrass, Lemon Peel and Lemon Verbena - layers of citrus flavours that cleanse the blood and liver
  • Lemon Wedge, Ginger and Rosehips - High acidity and tons of vitamin C for colds and winter seasons
I had a field day at the market in Charlottetown, PEI this summer. One of the vendors carried a variety of home-harvested herbs. I picked up rose hips, bergamot, yarrow, nettle, mullein, and chamomile flowers. I can't wait to work these dried herbs into different combinations of exciting herbal infusions.


  1. This post is really inspiring - I drink a cup of ginger tee (fresh, finely chopped ginger steeped in hot water with a bit of honey) every day. I think I'll have to spice it up a bit with some of the, uh, spices you've mentioned above.

  2. Glad to inspire. I'm happy to refer you to neighborhood herb shops where you can get some sweet ingredients :)