Flavür Natural Fruit Juices

A while back, I had the unique opportunity to sample some natural fruit juices called Flavür.

As I was (and still am!) dabbling in the eating of whole foods and naturopathic health, I was particularly excited to try a juice that contained only ingredients I should recognize. My sample box contained a plethora of never-before-drank flavours including Strawberry, Dragon Fruit and Ginseng, Lemon, Honey and Aloe Vera, and Blood Orange, Guava and Hibiscus. I tested each flavour with deliberation and made pensive and meticulous tasting notes on the very atypical juice selection.

What makes Flavür different than other juices is that they are made with fruit juices enhanced with 100% natural herbs, spices and flowers. The iced teas are made from entirely organic and high-quality black, green and white teas all loaded up with polyphenols .

I was very pleased by the originality and surprising flavour of drinks like Black Tea, Lime and Mint. I wholeheartedly recommend trying a Flavür product today!

Flavür products are sold in most health food stores and select convenience stores across Canada.


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