Colour Theory

So many lovely and charming things have crossed my path in the past few months. I have lists of things I want to write about and I do hope to get through them all in due course.

For now, something cool I came across is the new line of Tetley teas that connect colours to moods.

This initiative resonated with me for two particular reasons.

First, I've been on a focused mission to reduce my caffeine intake. I still put back diet pepsi and drink delicious coffee on the weekends, but I'm trying not to use caffeine as a crutch anymore. When I was on the elimination (naturopathic) diet, I felt great all the time - balanced, even-keeled, calm and clear. At that time, I also developed a new-found respect for herbal teas. You see, when you're not eating any foods with preservatives, white sugars or synthetics, you open your taste buds up to a greater range of flavours in natural foods. It's quite remarkable. And one huge added benefit to herbal teas is that they are supremely hydrating. Milk companies will tell you milk is thirst-quenching; fruit juice companies will argue that same. The verdict's still out on those. I'm not sure what happens inside your body under those circumstances. However, there's no denying the pure, beneficial hydration you get from herbal tea. With the addition of soothing or purifying herbs, you're adding antoxidants and other benefits too!

The second reason I was so compelled by this campaign from Tetley is because I've been exploring crystals and chakras. It started as a joke; now I'm not sure where I stand. I figure there's certainly no harm in it and there may even be some good. 

How does this relate to tea, you ask? Well it doesn't, but it relates to colour. Each of the chakras that run up your body correlate to a different purpose within your body and have a corresponding colour associated with them:

Red - Muladhara (Mūlādhāra) Base or Root Chakra (Ovaries/Prostate)
Orange - Swadhisthana (Svādhiṣṭhāna) Sacral Chakra (Base of the Spine)
Yellow - Manipura (Maṇipūra) Solar Plexus Chakra (Navel)
Green - Anahata (Anāhata) Heart Chakra (Heart )
Turquise - Vishuddha (Viśuddha) Throat Chakra (Throat)
Blue - Ajna (Ājñā) Brow or Third Eye Chakra (Pineal Gland or Third Eye)
Purple - Sahasrara (Sahasrāra) Crown Chakra (Top of the Head)

Each of us has a colour we emanate to the world, commonly known as an aura. Mine is blue. I work in communications and writing and talking makes up a lot of what I do in a day so it's not surprising that my predominant chakra comes from the throat. 

Once you become aware of which chakras are more dominant in your body, you can surround yourself with objects that help draw out the other chakras. For instance, I might come into work and feel like my head is in the clouds so I decide I need to be more rooted. Maybe I decide to wear red and carry around a red stone to foster rootedness: garnet, ruby, red jasper, beryl...

And maybe I drink a a red rooibos tea too! (It can't hurt!)


  1. Very cool! How do you know what colour your aura is? I'm curious about these things!

  2. I just know mine is blue. They have professional people who train themselves to see auras and they can tell you your colour.

    More here: