In the spirit of simplicity

You may have noticed that my recent posts have included very simple recipes (banana-only ice cream, oysters on the BBQ, etc.) To continue along this trend, I thought I'd share Mark Bittman's revelation about corn.

Sometimes a recipe can completely transform with a simple change in method to impart new flavours and textures to old favourites. Bittman's discovery with corn is that one can achieve the same outdoor, grilled-on-the-barbie flavour and rich caramel colour by sautéing shucked corn with a generous amount of butter.

Have you ever tried sautéing an ear of corn? What's your favourite way to enjoy seasonal corn?


  1. Great idea. I missed that Bittman post. One of the ideas in the comments is to cook it right on the element. I like that. One would have to take extra care to remove all the silk though.

  2. Ooh, thanks for mentioning that! I like the idea of doing it right on the element too! (Must be something about those grill marks!

  3. My tips for enjoying summer corn: buy it as close to the farmer's field as possible; add a little sugar and a touch of milk to rapidly boiling water; boil for no more than about three minutes. Finally, slather with fresh butter.