Langdon Hall for Real

I waited a long time before writing my post about Langdon Hall. It's not fair, certainly, but I did it. I was either waiting for the ideas to ruminate or I was procrastinating

I didn't take pictures of the food either, didn't write down our wine pairings. It was one of those special meals where I just wanted get completely lost in the experience.

But I can still say with complete and utter conviction that it was the best meal I've ever had in my life- a claim that was previously tied to a rather decadent meal my brother had treated my family to at Canoe.

Langdon Hall's visit was an enormously generous birthday present from my darling.  The visit was particularly special to us because we had enjoyed the sous-chef, Victor DeGuzman's cooking at Charlie Burgers, another exceptional meal in my life.

One the highlights of our dinner at Charlie Burgers was the unpasturized butter that "the pastry chef" from Langdon Hall had milked at 2 in the morning. He churned it into the wee hours of the morning for our tasting pleasure. And it was pleasure. I've never had butter like that in my life.

It tasted so sweet and real, sprinkled with kosher salt, reeking of handmadeness and little processing. The butter at Langdon Hall reminded me of that experience.

We had an amuse-bouche of avocado.

I started with Digby Seared Scallops. Nick had foie gras. Our food looked like art.

Ever a gentleman, Chef DeGuzman sent us a complimentry amuse-bouche to pair with each of our meals. Having red meat, he gave Nick venison. I, having seafood, received a canvas of nasturtiums and skate.

For our mains, we had beef tenderloin and rainbow trout with pink peppercorns, respectfully. It was lovely and perfectly cooked.

Photo: Toronto Life
Dessert was a special tasting plate that De Guzman prepared for us. I was so impressed with his kindness and generosity.

I'd recommend it all in a heartbeat.

I'm not entirely sure why I waited so long to publish this. It's been sitting as a draft for over a month. I has some hesitations that it almost seems trivial for me to  'review' Langdon Hall. As such, I'm not doing a review.

Instead, its just a straight up recommendation.


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