A word I never use

I saw someone use the word 'yummy' today and I shuddered involintarily.

'Yummy' is a word I never use. 

To me it sounds childish and immature, like baby words that are designed for children who don't yet have strong command of language. Even worse, it actual elicits a bodily reaction out of me- it sickens me.

Why would I ever say yummy?

I favour delicious, luscious, toothsome, scrumptious, enticing, delectable, succulent or even nectarous or ambrosial (although, admittedly, those would be used on rare occasions.)

Are there any food words that make your skin crawl? What words do you dislike using/hearing?


  1. My most hated food words are: "It's not ready yet"

  2. "Awesome" is a descriptor I loath, especially when uttered by a full-grown man who wears his baseball cap backwards as he hosts a Food Network TV show that's all about cakes. One of the most overused adjectives that's outlived its intended meaning.

  3. Well put. So I'm not the only one who's annoyed by Duff?!

  4. Panties. HATE that word!
    Hated having to write it too.
    Underwear or underpants- so much better.
    Not sure if this is appropriate for a food blog... but you asked! :)

    Nope- Duff annoys me too...

  5. Ha ha, Sybil, you're not the first person I've ever met who hated the word panties :)

    Maybe I should write another post about Duff? Seems to be a hot issue!