Choose your own adventure

My friend Parker recently got his girlfriend, Heather, one of the loveliest gifts a girl could imagine: a gift certificate for Shoes of Prey, a website that lets you customize  your own shoes.

(Since Heather got her shoes, I've been eyeing some snakeskin pumps of my own!)

Yesterday, Mashable posted an article about customizable gifts you can create on different websites, including Shoes of Prey. (You can see the great list here: I was also intrigued by the jewellery at Gemvara.)

The one that really caught my (hungry) eye was Chocri: a website that lets you build your own chocolate bar! Think of beloved Aunt Mildred who loves a white & milk chocolate combo with pistachios and lemon drops. Now you can always get her whatever she wants.

What a sweet treat for the chocolate-lover in your life!


  1. Check out the Starbucks site pushing "customized" frappuccinos

  2. The site is really interactive. Starbucks is light years ahead of other companies when it comes to social media. They're one of the only companies I know who USE Foursquare as a marketing tool.

    It's too bad you can't actually drink your custom drink though!