Don't Get Fat

Exciting news! Mireille Guillano, author of French Women Don't Get Fat, has been busy at work putting together a cookbook to accompany her charmingly simple food and lifestyle philosophy.

In case, you haven't read her first book, it addresses the French paradox, whereby French people smoke, drink tons of wine, eat creamy and decadent foods and remain rail-thin with low incidences of coronary disease. Americans, by contrast, are obsessed with exercise, low-calorie foods and diet programs, but obesity rates continue to climb.

(As Mireille's book outlines, French people also cook foods primarily from scratch, walk everywhere they go, lead lower stress lifestyles and exercise portion control. Alas!)

In anticipation of her cookbook release, which is slated to come out on April 27, Mireille will be making a public appearance at Indigo, in conversation with the lovely Rita Silvan who is Editor-in-Chief of Elle Canada.

Check out the details below!


  1. I'm absolutely going to go! Thanks so much for the tip Jess! I would never have known about it otherwise ;)

  2. My pleasure. I may join you... :)

  3. Very exciting! I read her book and really enjoyed it. Thanks for passing along.

  4. My pleasure. It sounds like it will be a great event. Rita Silvan to boot!