Clean Eating

It's a cliché when bloggers apologize for taking breaks from posting, but I must do it nonetheless. There.

I tweeted today that I've been eating clean this week and a few people responded on Twitter, asking about what that meant or feeling inspired to do likewise.

My clean eating definitely needs some work. Guinness, beer and fries tonight. Smoked meat yesterday for lunch. Yeesh. That's more meat than I normally have in a whole week.

Nonetheless, the rest of what I've been eating has been very, very clean. I've always been a fan of the smoothie meal even since high school. I get it from my father who used to revive himself from marathons with the kitchen sink smoothie.

Lately I've been taking things one step further. I'm a huge fan of Meghan Telpner, naturopathic nutritionist and featured writer on The Appetizer. I agree with her philosophy that it's always more beneficial to obtain nutrition from whole, real foods rather than synthetic representations. For example, she puts nuts in her smoothie for protein and good fat instead of adding a processed supplement.

Check out the recipe here.

This is clean eating.

Tosca Reno is the developer of the Eat-Clean diet, which advises people to eat natural, whole foods that don't have preservatives. Emphasis is placed on smaller meals throughout the day containing complex carbs and lean proteins. Drink tons of water.

Advocates of this diet carry around enough clean food that they can always avoid hunger and temptation to stray from the diet's core by indulging in fast food or restaurant food.

I've been eating healing broth with green tea. I made my favourite wild rice salad by Ellie Krieger.  It contains dried cranberries, nuts and fresh herbs with a balsamic vinaigrette. I've also been trying to eat a ton of legumes and made a bean salad.
Aside: if you eat a lot of legumes, your body becomes adept at digesting the enzymes. Ahem, there is an adjustment period, regardless.
These are my fragmented thoughts on clean eating. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Any avid fans amongst you readers? Any sometimes clean people like myself?


  1. I've also been dabbling with clean eating. I find myself carrying around tupperware containers full of fresh fruit and veg, and I'm trying to incorporate protein into each mini meal. I'm a big fan of eating six small meals a day, but it takes a lot of planning.

    I would say I've adopted some principles of clean eating, but I can't commit 100%. Maybe it's a lifestyle you have to ease into.

    I have to admit that even the small changes I've made have had a huge impact on my body. I feel healthier and have more energy. Plus, my craving for heavily processed sweets are significantly reduced. I find I now crave a big bowl of berries instead.

    For now, I'm a sometimes clean eater and I'm certainly reaping the rewards that choice.

  2. I've been converging on this somewhat organically (no pun intended) over the past couple of years. The whole vegan thing means that I can't always depend on lunch being available or convenient, so I've been packing my own smoothies [*], bags of nuts, and other stuff for a while. I'd love to do it with fresh cut fruit salad but that tends to get expensive unless you prepare your own.

    [*] See, for example

  3. Bella, I'm with you. I try to eat smaller meals throughout the day- it really does take planning. Sometimes when I'm at work, I feel self-conscious, like I'm always chomping on something all day long. :) This kind of lifestyle certainly takes some serious organization.(That said, meal/kitchen organization is my very favourite kind.)

    My other complaint is that I'm always carrying around enough stuff as it is. If I start carrying all my meals I will become a certified bag lady.

    Jack, I have so much respect for your clean,raw vegan ways. I keep edging in that direction with my meat reductionism stuff.

    When I don't pack my, I try to eat a raw rainbow of fruits vegetables and legumes from the lovely salad bar in the Metro Centre. You're right though, it's too expensive to do every day.

    Thanks for *your* green smoothie recipe! What a treat.I'll let you know how it goes.

  4. I'm a big fan of this idea. I generally find I sort of moonlight between eating really well (spinach 2xs per day, lean meat) and my usual, er, regimen *not worth mentioning*

    I have found, especially as I get a bit older (but not much, haha) I really, REALLY prefer to eat healthy. And I find I like things more for how they make me feel vs. taste.


    But I also like eating a salt and vinegar chips and a tin of gummy bears in one sitting.

    Just saying.

  5. Brennan, thanks so much for your comment. In my nutrition and wellness course, the golden rule to live by has always been 80:20. As long as you are eating well 80% of the time, you can have treats and eat more delicious things 20% of the time. I think it's a good rule to extend to life in general: if you're keeping an 80% average, you're probably doing ok. :)