Too much left unsaid

That title is a little dramatic. The reality is simply that there are so many things I want to blog about that I might as well just do a brief round up.

From The Kitchn, they highlight a new trend of repurposing inepensive grinders to make custom spice blends.

This is mine:

Slashfood reports that the European Food Safety Authority has been studying the addition of smoke flavourings to foods. They have found eight out of eleven varieties studied contained chemicals that could cause cell damage. (1) Yeesh. (2) Is that really that surprising? We all know that blackened food or smoke on/around food contains carcinogens.

In other food news, Nadia Arumugam wrote a compelling piece for Slate Magazine that advises readers to ignore expiration dates. She highlights how the conservative these dates are:
To account for all manner of consumer, manufacturers imagine how the laziest people with the most undesirable kitchens might store and handle their food, then test their products based on these criteria.
Read the full article here.

Check back later this week for my highlights from Canada's more sustainable dairy farmers.

In the meantime, I leave you with a question that Slashfood recently raised: food porn or just porn?


  1. Such a cliche. Using blatant sexuality to sell a product. So very predictable. So very 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, etc. If I ate this kind of food (which I don't) I definitely wouldn't buy it from Carl's after seeing this ad.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Christine. I tend to agree- it's a bit of a yawn in it's predictability. I just can't imagine the brainstorming session where ad executives were sitting around and someone said, "Let's get Padma to eat a burger in a really raunchy way" and everyone at the table nodded in agreement.

  3. With the intro I was expecting some kind of fantastic new taste - but it was a ....Burger!

    Unless of course it was a Cranberry , Brie , Pinenut and Kobe styled delicacy with fresh lettuce , diced red onions with a mild and smooth relish!

  4. Robert, I like the way you think. You can make me a burger anytime!

    Honestly though, you're totally right. Padma talks about all the cultures and flavours that inspire her.

    If I had a classically trained culinary background, I don't think I could promote a trashy burger joint. (Just sayin'!)