A Secret No More

Imagine it's a long weekend in Canadian February. You go up to Al's lovely cottage near Belleville to spend some quality time relaxing with pals and watching the Olympics. You may or may not also be a food blogger.

While you're up there, you take a trip into town with Andrea and she casually mentions 'dropping by' the cheese place. You think, "Yeah, that sounds pretty cool." You don't realize the cheese place is Prince Edward County's Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co., which has recently been awarded the title of greenest dairy in North America.

You are impressed with the selection of goat and sheep cheeses. You sample every item they have on hand, eventually selecting a Lavender Bagel Chèvre, a Bonnie & Floyd rind-washed Sheep's cheese, and a Lost Lake soft rind goat's cheese. Since it's Valentine's Day, you sample their seasonally delicious goat cheese chocolate truffles and may or not get one for your boyfriend. (It's up to you.)

Andrea tells you all about Fifth Town's green practices. The cutting-edge, $2-million facility is the first dairy in North America to receive platinum-level certification from LEED, the highest level possible. The facility uses power from a windmill and eight solar panels. Cheeses are chilled in man-made, underground caves that stay cool naturally instead of wasting energy on refrigeration. Even whey is filtered into water with a $75,000 bio-wetland system. On top of all this, cheese packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable and all ingredients are sourced from eco-conscious farmers.

You chat with Petra Cooper about the company's awards: first place in the aged goat cheese category at the prestigious American Cheese Society Awards this past August.

You feel excited, like you have stumbled upon a special secret, something exciting and groundbreaking that you want to share with your blog readers. You craft a Pulitzer prize-winning blog post.

And then you see a couple days later that Toronto life has written a piece on Fifth Town!


  1. And then you convince a close relative to give up a vegan diet "just this once" ;)

  2. Definitely a Pulitzer-prize-worthy post!
    That's such a great initiative... thanks for sharing. I'll definitely stop by there if ever I'm in the area...

  3. Jackie, some things are worth breaking the rules for! :)

    Sybil, thanks very much. I definitely recommend visiting if you find yourself in the area. Just fabulous!

  4. If it helps, I live on the other side of the country and would never pick up a To. Post... and I am passing this on! So... mission accomplished?