Food trends 2010 - the Corey Mintz edition

If you read a lot about food as I do, then you'll notice the season of 2010 food trend predictions is upon us. I've heard some interesting theories and I'll be featuring a round-up early next week.

In the meantime, I've been loving Corey Mintz's hilarious joke predictions on Twitter. He insists he has no beef with trend predicting but keeps rolling out these parodies.

I've captured a few of his gems below for your amusement:


Stay tuned for more (real) food trend predictions for 2010, rolling out next week.


  1. I've also been following Corey Mintz's satricial food trend predictions and he's been cracking me up. Glad to see that you've captured them here!

  2. "Joke predictions"? Just wait till you see people sipping on $4 cups of hot water and lemon from Starbucks and nibbling on human flesh tacos. Then we'll see who was joking.

  3. Fair enough, Mr. Mintz. Only time will tell...