Cold hands, warm heart?

     A study came out a little while back that suggested the cues we get from other people can be influenced by the kind of drink we consume.

    When holding a hot beverage, people are more likely to see strangers as welcoming and trustworthy. The study published in Science indicated that volunteers rated people as 11% warmer after holding a hot drink than after holding a cold drink.

    The warmth of a drink also influenced how selfish participants behaved.

    A second study asked 53 people to hold heated or frozen therapeutic pads, under the belief that they were evaluating a medical product. After completing a questionnaire about the pads they were offered a choice between a drink for themselves or a voucher they could give to a friend. Those primed with coldness were more likely to choose a gift for themselves, while those primed with warmth were more likely to choose the gift for a friend.

    What are our takeaways from this exercise?

    Well, sometimes when I feel fussy (or it’s just Monday morning), I make myself a warm tea and remember this study.

    Who knows, it could make an 11% difference in the quality of your day.

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