For retired eyes only

Allegra McEvedy, alongside the Guardian UK’s Word of Mouth blog, does these neat little sessions called online Cookalongs. Each month, they post a list of ingredients and then people all over the world can tune in via the internet and make something magnificent.

This month’s Cookalong dish is Morrocan-themed filo pie and it is happening tomorrow: November 12, 2009.

I visited my new favourite site Travelmath! to calculate the time difference and it will be happening at 3PM in Toronto (hence the title of this blog post: For retired eyes only.) If you’re not in Toronto, you can go to Travelmath and figure out what time it’s happening in your region of the world.

For Cookalong equipment and ingredients, visit here.

For the actual live, interactive Cookalong, visit here.


  1. Thanks Stace! It's such a good idea. I wish we would see more of them in our neck of the woods (our time zone at least!)