If you are trying to manage your weight, try eating some dense foods that are high in protein or fiber to fill you up and leave you satisfied for longer. Toss aside that iceberg lettuce, these foods will give you more bang for your, uh, calorie.

While water itself isn't filling, you will be more likely to overeat if you are thirsty so make sure you are properly hydrated

Bran Cereal
This one is nothing new, but the amount of fiber in this morning dish is sure to leave you more satisfied than cereal without bran.

Steel-cut oats
Filled with tons of fiber, you remain satisfied and they help to control your blood sugar levels

So filling, I dare you to try and eat two (I don't think it's possible)

It's been demonstrated to keep you feeling full longer than other meat products and it makes sense. Think about the texture of a salmon steak.

Full of good fat and protein, avocados keep your coat shiny

Studies have demonstrated that women who eat two eggs in the morning lose significantly more weight than those who do not. I can't think of a more dense food.

Think about how you feel after a meal that contains potatoes. Satisfied?

Fiber takes up lots of room in your stomach to make you feel full.

The teacher's pet of fibre foods, beans pack a lot of it into a small package.

High in protein and basically everything awesome, quinoa fills you up in addition to being a super duper food.

Whole Wheat Pasta
We all know pasta is filling, but whole wheat pasta adds an extra punch by adding more nutrients and fiber.

Dense and full of fiber

Much like grapes, these little flavour bursts make a surprisingly satisfying snack

Notorious among diet circles, you can stuff your face with popcorn, feel like a pig and still not overdo it on calories


  1. Jess, you forgot the nuts! While they may be high in fat, a couple of raw almonds can pack a lot of punch. Since I started watching my weight I've got in to the habit of always having protein every time I eat. Adding 6-10 almonds to my apple keeps me fuller, longer.

  2. So true! How could I forget nuts? Thanks Amanda - 100% awesome advice!