5 Tips to avoid Swine Flu (and hysteria)

1. Practice breathing

Stress is associated with 99 per cent of all illnesses so boost your immunity by reducing stress. Yoga, meditation, or a simple stroll can help. Getting caught up in conspiracy theories and media hullabaloo around the virus might be worse than the culprit itself. Take slow, concentrated breaths. Feel the stress leave your body as you exhale.

2. Drink lots of fluids

Flush, flush, flush the system. If there’s a nasty bug in there, flush it out with some old fashioned H2O. It helps everything in your body work more effectively: brain juices, synovial fluid- it even lubricates the colon for better bowel movements. Create an internal tsunami and those creepy crawlies will meet their watery grave.

3. Eat colourful fruits and vegetables

If you eat a rainbow of produce, you will get all the body’s required nutrients and build an army of antioxidants to fight evil H1N1. While you’re at it, pop a multivitamin, take 1000 mg of vitamin D every day and 500 mg of vitamin C.

4. Make a witch’s brew if you start to feel the early effects

Leverage the anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic qualities of ancient ingredients like ginger and garlic. Take a clothespin. Place on nose. Drink fluid. Repeat.

5. Do what your grandpa did

Toss back a little whisky. Doctors might try and tell you that alchohol lowers your immune system, but you and I both know that it also kills nasty germs with its burny goodness.


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