One of the hardest things I've had to learn in the kitchen is restraint.

Not fiddling with items in the pan so they develop a proper brown crust.

Not putting cheese in everything.

Not over spicing.

That last one is particularly difficult for me, but I still try.

Tonight's dinner was a simple soup.

Olive oil, onion, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, stock, fresh grated nutmeg, pepper and salt. Fresh herbs. Sauté, simmer, purée.

Hummus, pita, fresh soup. Digestible like baby food. Restraint can be lovely.


  1. These are tough lessons to learn, and I admit I am still trying to master some of them. I was a terrible fiddler. I love flipping and stirring, I think I thought I needed to be actively involved in the cooking process to feel like I was actually "cooking." I've more or less kicked the habit (still working on #2), but Jeff is also a fiddler and it drives me crazy. If I had a dollar for everytime I yelled "JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!" into the kitchen I'd be a rich woman!

  2. I'm definitely guilty of number two. I add cheese to everything. Especially apple pie.

    Damn you and Amanda and your food blogs for making me feel so inadequate in the kitchen.

    At least I get to live with Micker - you know how good of a cook he is.

  3. Amanda, I'm right with you. It's been such a tough journey to be restrained in the kitchen. Now I've become a restraint monger when other people are in the kitchen, lording over them and wincing when they fiddle too much. (Serenity now!)

    Parker, apple pie and cheddar cheese is so British and a lovely combination. I often eat apple slices with sharp cheddar as a snack. If I lived with the Micker, I would never cook. That man is supremely talented (and I am jealous you now live with him and reap in the benefits!)