Miracle Fruit: the tasting

I arrive at the National Film Board for the third-ever Toronto Foodie Meet hosted by Andrea Chiu (@TOfoodie) and Suresh Doss (@spotlightcity) of Spotlight Toronto.

After riding my bike down on a perfect crisp and sunny Sunday afternoon, I see Stacey (@staceyfowler) and Mark (@markrodas) of Tasting Toronto as soon as I make my way inside the tasting room.

The bartender, aka Suresh, offers me a dry, sparkling white. It's crisp and delicious like the day outside. I also see new friend Bonnie Dean (@BonDean) and meet some of her lovely friends.

Different kinds of food objects are laid out in plastic cups around the room: tomato juice and white vinegar. There are lemon, lime and grapefruit wedges, grape tomatoes and goat cheese.

The room has an atmosphere of anticipation. Our hosts instruct us to put the fruit on our tongue and roll it around until the flesh disintigrates. The silence is palpable as the timer is set for two minutes. I whirl the fruit around on my tongue, but the flesh is stubborn. I pull the skin off with my teeth so I can reach the flesh. We're not supposed to chew, but I'm worried I won't get enough of the fruit's properties before the time lapses.

The flavour is initially sour, but quickly sweetens. It tastes kind of like a cranberry. I wonder if the change in flavour is less about me getting used to it and more about it affecting my taste buds.

I try lemon first. It tastes lovely and sweet like lemonade. Pickles taste like pickles, chips taste like ships. The flavour is better tested on sour foods. Limes aren't as fun as lemons, but vinegar is earth-shatteringly delicious. It tastes like lemonade or sprite, delicate and sweet.

We sample Rickard's Amber, White and Honey Brown with our dulled taste buds. Guinness gets saved for the end. The bitterness is replaces by a mapley-molasses sweetness.

This berry is weird.


  1. Love miracle fruit, evrth sour/bitter tastes amazingly sweet after you swirl it around your tongue! Although I found out that fruit itself is really way too expansive (anything from $2-$3 a piece - tablets are much better, more affordable and have longer lasting effect too)...Bought them on http://www.sour2sweet.com/ . Customer service was great and I got my shipment really quick!

  2. Thanks for reading, Susan. I couldn't believe the sour/bitter either. Great tip with the sour2sweet tablets. I'll definitely check that out!