Review: Frank @ AGO

I needed an extra day to digest the meal I enjoyed with my family at Frank, the Art Gallery of Ontario's restaurant.

Although it was Tuesday evening, we savoured a weekend-worthy meal, lingering over cocktails, lovely wine and delicious food, much food.

To start the meal off, I had a Surreal Mojito - cucumber, mint, pomegranate juice muddled with 2oz Bacardi, light rum, fresh squeezed lime juice and topped with soda ($11).

For a starter, I selected the "soiled reputation" greens with sherry vinaigrette ($6) although the house-cut frites with lemon mayo and rhubarb, ginger ketchup ($5) and panko crusted onion rings ($5) were awfully tempting.

Goat's milk butter and sea salt were served with bread in a darling half oyster shell. The butter was heavenly. Everyone was slathering it on the assorted artisan breads like frosting.

With dinner we selected Chardonnay 06, Le Clos Jordanne, ‘Village Reserve’, Niagara: bold, earthy Chard ($7 for 2oz/ $13 for 5oz / $55 bottle) which was perfect since I am taking part in the 30-Day Challenge with Wines of Ontario.

My main was the roasted organic pousin and Tuscan bread salad with, dried black currants, fresh red currants, pinenuts, red onions, flat leaf parsley, lemon thyme and red wine vinaigrette ($24).

Others selected the BC wild sockeye salmon Niçoise, poached in extra virgin olive oil with fingerling potatoes, French green beans, heirloom cherry tomatoes, picholine olives, farm fresh boiled egg and anchovy aioli ($22).

For dessert, I opted for the house made ice cream: strawberry triptych with Ontario strawberry sorbet, ice cream and white chocolate, strawberry ripple ($10). Others selected the chocolate squared chocolate layer cake cube with chocolate buttercream and hazelnut praline, served with Lindt milk chocolate ice cream ($12).

The evening was perfect. I already wrote about the gorgeous lighting and ambiance yesterday, but the atmosphere is extraordinarily uplifting. It's certainly fine dining, but our server was classy without being unpretentious. I love that kind of server: warm, witty and charismatic. Just lovely.

And the evening couldn't have been so perfect without such great company. Many thanks to my godmother, Vicky, for such a wonderful evening.

Rating: 4/5

You can book reservations at Frank online with this handy system.

Executive Chef: Anne Yarymowich
Chef de Cuisine: Martha Wright
Pastry Chef: Christophe Measson

Art Gallery of Ontario
317 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5T 1G4


  1. Don't you absolutely love the bread basket!? And the salt and butter was like heaven - I've started using the same at home. Now I just need the fancy little presentation bowls. Precious!

  2. I don't think it would be fair to the chef to say the bread and butter werethe highlight of the whole meal (but they came close.) The presentation is exceptional and I loved the variety: baguette, rye, whole grain, breadsticks. Let me know if you find a good oyster shell supplier :)