Five bucks a hit

Nothing gets me more excited than the emergence of a new Superfood Supreme. Matcha, açai, goji, and noni, please make way for The Miracle Fruit!

The miracle fruit comes from Ghana and is a loose translation of taami or asaa from some of the regional dialects.

Apparently, the miracle fruit doesn’t have a lot of flavour, but its miracle comes from what it changes in your taste receptors. Bert Archer from The Globe and Mail wrote that, “After you've eaten one [miracle berry], a shot glass of white vinegar can taste like Sprite with a touch of gin.”

These berries are being sold for about $5 a piece, flying in from Miami on dry ice with much drama. I’ll let you know if I can get my hands on some. If you’re reading this, you should send me some please!


  1. Just came across your blog in IABC newsletter! Love it. Will definitely be subscribing.

  2. Hi K, I'm so glad you checked it out! Thanks for visiting.

    I saw your blogs too. You should bring them back. I really like your writing.

    If you're on Twitter, please add me and I'll definitely follow you back.

  3. Were you at the tasting at the Drake last night?

  4. No, much to my chagrin. I was tweeting with someone about that today. It sounded surreal! Were you there? Details please.

  5. Oooo I had the pleasure of attending a miracle berry paty a month or so ago... incredible! lemons tasted like heaven!!!!

  6. My jealousy is waxing!I can't wait to try one!!