Pigs Fly

I'm not joking.

Cold Stone Creamery, makers of lethal weapons that target innocent gourmandes, have recently announced a newer and more sophisticated weapon: no-melt ice cream. Slashfood reports more on it here and you can answer a poll question about whether or not this kind of violent weaponry is a good thing.


  1. we did this...quite by accident at my old work. We were messing around with sorbets and some food chemicals and gelatins and let a scoop of the stuff sit out while we prepped. I don't think it melted into a puddle of liquid at any point, although it didnt hold it shape for the duration either. The texture was a little offputting, but that is only my opinion. Also, Popsicle is now making frozen treats that are slow melting.

  2. Ooh Matt, I do love the idea of a culinary science accident! What fun!

    Thanks for the news about Popsicle too. I can't wait to test those out.

    I've had dehydrated (astronaut) ice cream before and the texture is certainly the issue there. I'd be really interested to try this no-melt stuff and see if it's really marketable in a sustainable way or whether it's just a passing fad.