You can't escape chicken

Last Thursday I attended the IABC/Toronto Ovation Awards Gala 2009. Before we got there, my colleagues and I joked that we hoped the chicken would be good (because there is always chicken at these types of banquet functions.)

Ah, chicken: the default meat of our generation, the not-particularly-delicious-but-generally-inoffensive-meat that every likes...right?

No, not everyone.

I'm willing to stand alone on this one, but, yikes! I could do with a lot less chicken in my life: rubbery, pale-fleshed and syringed full of water and hormones.

I'm off chicken.

When I went vegetarian in high school, it was chicken and not red meat that turned me. I remember the day I decided that I could withstand a break from it for a very, very long time. It was something in the texture, also the sheer prevalence. ENOUGH!

So I guess now I'm a no-chicken meat reductionist that will still eat fish, lamb, pork and beef (in moderation.)

It's nice to have a chicken hiatus, but believe me it won't last long.

You can't escape chicken. It's everywhere.


  1. Really!? I love chicken. We eat so much chicken in our house, like at least twice a week and then some. What's boring is the same old chicken. I've recently discovered the joys of chicken thighs; it's everything a breast wants to be but isn't.

  2. Chicken is a lot like blonde. When I see a good blonde, I get really excited about the idea of dying my hair. For the most part, though, I see terrible blondes and it makes me glad I didn't do that. Chicken can be done really well, but most chicken is mediocre (that I get from other places) and it leaves me tired of chicken in general.

    I completely agree about thighs versus breasts though!!

  3. Hi Jess,

    First time poster...but I've been following your blog since the CB posts.

    I feel EXACTLY the same about chicken..I was just talking about it last night, trying to convince my boyfriend to order the duck thai curry instead of the chicken. I think i may have even used the same words in my explanation :)
    I do love a good roasted chicken though but it has to be a flavourful one (hard to find) and done just right!

  4. Hi Sof, thanks so much for reading.

    I agree with you about a good roasted chicken (just as I agree with Amanda about thighs over breasts.) However, I just feel that those experiences are so far and few between that it might be easier to just say "I no longer eat chicken."

    No, it's not easier. We all know you can't escape chicken.