Best in Canada

Last weekend I had the pleasure of entertaining with Atlantic salmon that had been swimming in the Ocean only 48 hours before. I received an insulated package containing a whole salmon surrounded by bags of ice from the folks at True North Salmon.

I baked the salmon in the oven while wilting collards on the stove top. Only because I had seen it the other day at the Holt Renfrew Café, I decided to top the salmon with berries. My immediate thought was that fish and fruit don't match. I thought further and decided that the dish meets my requirement of all rich dishes: it contains something acidic to cut through the richness.

Whenever I make cream sauce for pasta, I always like fresh tomotoes cut small and sprinkled on top because it balances the richness with acidity.

Salmon is a flavorful, rich and fatty fish. The berries are sweet, sour and cleansing by contrast. Toss them in balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Challenge your perception of what gets to be sweet versus savory.

It was a pleasurable experience.

Along with the salmon, we enjoyed Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. My boyfriend mentioned that it was his favourite SB and I liked it too. I felt less landlocked sitting on the balcony eating fresh salmon and drinking a perfectly paired wine.

We mentioned that the salmon was from New Brunswick and our family friend who is a fisherman got a mist in his eyes as he talked about the virtues of the Great Miramichi River. He claimed it was the best salmon in Canada.

I like that True North makes an effort to be honest and explicit about where the company's product comes from and what their company stands behind. Efforts for sustainability are posted publicly on the website. I find this kind of transparent environmental policy is more than a lot of companies are willing to offer.

I would order True North salmon to enjoy again in the future, especially the whole fish. There is something very elegant and primal about this presentation.


  1. Thanks canadianfoodiegirl. It was delicious. I can't wait to do it again!

  2. Your salmon looks absolutely amazing. I never, not in a million, trillion years would have ever thought to pair fresh berries with salmon. Truth be told, I am very picky about what goes with fish. I might just try this one though...

  3. I've also been meaning to tell you that one of my referrer search terms this week was "miss jess bennett from sift, dust and toss". Random!

  4. I too am picky about what goes with fish. Cheese, for instance, is something I don't ever see with it. (Find me the exception.) The berries were great though!

    I love that I'm a "Miss" on your search referrer terms! I usually prefer the Ms. because it's so "None of your business!"

  5. Jess, we must meet up and do a food and shopping trip together. Our great minds and amazing fashion sense will conquer the worlds!

  6. Jess, I have your exception to fish and cheese. This was a combo I previously did not approve of, however, I have changed my ways. I'll be posting later this week, so stay tuned.

    The "Miss" is what made it so amusing, who even says Miss anymore?