1000 Tastes of Toronto

Today was the final day of Luminato and I ventured south to Harbourfront to eat some delicious things for the 1000 Tastes of Toronto Festival. There were a massive selection of restaurants that made street stand to showcase gourmet street food portions to serve for five dollars a piece.

My first taste was French onion soup dumplings and slaw salad tossed in truffle oil from Forte Bistro. I decided that I would favor the more beautiful selections because there were so many foods to choose from.

The second food ticket went towards Loïc Gourmet To Go's chilled cucumber and honeydew soup with fines herbes yogurt and a series of hors d'œuvres, including chicken salad in béarnaise sauce on crustini. I enjoyed the selection. The cold soup was a nice idea in the scorching heat. I've come around on cold soups. I used to naysay them, but now I appreciate the refreshment.

Pad thai and mango salad (all for $5.) It was Hot! Thai or something like that. I tried to search for the restaurant on Google, but I wound up with a bunch of nefarious sites (no hyperlinky).

Our last taste experiment was from Carlos Fuenmayer, a private chef and caterer. We enjoyed a delicious fresh Ontario cheese (queso fresco) tortilla with guacamole salsa, red onion compote and deliciously perfectly ripe tomatoes. I appreciated the environmental and aesthetic effort obtained by wrapping them in banana leaves.


  1. I was there today too, what a great event! I love Toronto :)

    Agreed on the chilled cucumber and melon soup...I also really enjoyed the oysters from Rodney's (very fresh and a great deal), the cinnamon couscous from Sultan's Tent, braised rib on flatbread w/pickled onions from Globe, and the salad from Lee (my fav)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sof. I love the oysters too, but I missed that salad from Lee's! So sad, but I was getting pretty full :)