A freshly-squeezed reminder

Yesterday, a colleague at work tweeted a link about the perils of boxed orange juice. I knew these things previously and had stopped drinking juice entirely (except fresh squeezed) a year or two ago. But then I got kind of forgetful/ fat/ complacent and plead ignorance and started drinking prepared supermarket juice again. I was thankful to have a reminder of how sugar-laden and mediocre prepared juices really are.

These things happen. I have to constantly remind myself that these fluctuations in habit (and weight) are ok. For now, I’m off prepared juice again. Only freshly-squeezed from now on! Freshly-squeezed was the habitual norm in both France and Australia when I resided in those countries. It's an easy and delicious thing to get used to.

Oh, and water. Remember water?

Tip: when drinking freshly-squeezed juices, you must consume them within 20 minutes of extraction in order to derive all the nutrients and benefits before they start to oxidize and disappear.


  1. A colleague brought me the MacLeans article on OJ this morning. I don't want to read it. How am I ever going to get my pysllium husk down without it?

  2. I know. I feel you. My OJ purpose is similarly utilitarian: smoothie sweetness and filler in the morning.



  3. I mix it with mostly water and then add a splash of OJ at the end so it's not entirely like drinking barf (sorry for any visuals that may have conjured up). This is really the only time I drink OJ, but Jeff drinks oodles of the stuff. Everyday something new is bad for you. When do we draw the line and just say okay, sometimes living is bad for you?

  4. I know. Everything is terrible, but there seems to be a consistent thread of continuity which is that everything we tamper too much with is bad. Things are always best in their most natural forms or as close to their most natural forms as possible.

    (With the exception of flash-frozen foods! Fresh, fresh, fresh!)

  5. Ooh, those juicers look good. I'll have to get one. Let's hope the authors of that book did proper and thorough research. I've read mixed reviews.

  6. I've been debating the purchase of a juicer for a long time. I know it's a cumbersome object, but I think I would make daily use of it each morning. The possibility excites me.

    As for the author's research, I too hope that it's sound. I'm glad the book was published nonetheless because it's just another reminder that whole and fresh are better.