If you've been reading the National Post this week, you'll notice they've been featuring different chefs each day for "My Toronto's Celebrity Chef Week." Today it was Mark McEwan, yesterday was Jaimie Kennedy and Monday was Susur Lee.

I found what Lee had to say about fresh ingredients in Toronto really interesting. That's something I definitely take for granted.

"The culinary scene in New York, it’s all sorts of classes. It can be medium to extreme. Our standards are like, 80% to 90% in Toronto, but in New York, it can be all over, from 20%, to 70%, 100%. It’s actually very difficult to find ingredients in New York. To get Vietnamese basil, Vietnamese lime, we have such great ingredients here, you can taste the freshness. Toronto is spoiled when it comes to food, the quality is very high."

How's that for lucky, Toronto?