The latest American media circus is centered around President Obama’s choice of burger topping. (Here's the link to the Toronto Star article from today.)


Sean Hannity from Fox has been lying to telling his viewers that MSNBC, specifically reporter Andrea Mitchell, is trying to keep the public from finding out about Obama’s Dijon fetish. Hannity and has been referring to the Dijon burger as Obama’s “fancy burger.”

Blogger William Jacobson, a Cornell law school professor, was quoted saying that Dijon on a Ray's Hell Burger (Arlington, Va) had "a very John Kerry-ish quality about it."

Ugh. I know this is a food blog and not a political blog, but this whole story makes my blog boil. Republicans are such hypocrites. The same men who habitually frequent prostitutes and partake in extramarital affairs were the ones who pointed the finger at Clinton and spurred on his eventual impeachment.

They’re probably sipping on Dom Perignon and eating baby seals while they point the finger at Obama.

It bothers me because they’re pigeonholing him: “Oh, you’re cool? Your accessible? The ‘people’s president’? You better eat garbage then.”

Don’t get it twisted, folks. This isn’t a matter of taste or opinion.

Obama is right. Dijon is better. Yellow American mustard is one of the few foods that tests my gag reflex.

Ugh. Freedom fries…

Listen Mr. President. Come on up to Canada again and ditch that Beaver Tail for some of my Canadian Orange Sauce (ketchup mixed with dijon.)


  1. When I first read this story I was confused. In my opinion, Dijon mustard has become so mainstream I had kind of forgotten that it was French. And it's not just a garnish. We go through a jar a week in our house.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Louise. The newsworthiness of this story in mainstream media is questionable, but smart people are still on team Dijon. It's got that extra kick!

  3. "They’re probably sipping on Dom Perignon and eating baby seals while they point the finger at Obama." --hilarious

  4. Wow, the things you miss when you're driving through the country. How is this even news? First, most of the world's mustard comes from CANADA, including that jar you brought back from Paris. And second, even if he did choose American-style prepared mustard (barf), wouldn't it be Frenches?

  5. *sigh*

    Amanda, you leave and everything falls apart. I hope you are having an excellent time in Iceland. Are you eating a lot of black licorice?