By request

This one's for you, Night Terror,

I was looking over the recipes I've posted and I'm somewhat embarassed to admit that there aren't a lot of vegetable dishes. Yes, there are healthy things: legumes and whole grains, salads that would be fit for entertaining, but just vegetables? Not really.

In terms of simple, elegant vegetables, one of the techniques I like to use in cooking is to make a dish then infuse the recipe with additional nutrients by adding collards, spinach, peas or broccili towards the end of the cooking time. That way you can make something really tasty and rich like a cream pasta sauce and get lots of vegetables too.

One of my favourite ways to start any meal is with a fresh baguette, chèvre cheese and some homemade roasted red peppers. The ones in jars don't taste as good as ones you make at home and people are always impressed when you say you did it yourself.


  1. Great video! When I'm finished with the jar in my fridge I'm going to roast my own peppers. It won't last long, I eat them on everything.

  2. Amanda, I don't blame you for eating them on everything. I could easily have them on every sandwich for the rest of my life.

    I've done it quite a few times with different results and decided the trick is to *really* scold them to the point where they get soft and withery. Then I put them in a bowl, cover them with saran wrap adn walk away for 20-30 minutes.

    I always get tempted to do it too early but the longer you wait, the easier it is to get the peels off.

    Also, I've done it with green peppers and it's not worth it: too bitter. I'd stick to the sweeter yellow orange and red.