Your last meal on earth

One of the questions on the application for Charlie’s Burgers is, “What would your last meal on earth be?” I like this question because the response it elicits strips away any pretentiousness or health concerns about food and gets to the core of what tastes good.

If I knew I were going to die tomorrow, I would eat the richest and most decadently delicious things I could imagine. My response to that questionnaire included anchovy-laced salad, stuffed pasta in herb-wine-cream sauce and something bloody and tender like filet mignon. I also included something unabashedly deep-fried and my weakness of all weaknesses: the god-sent chocolate hazelnut combination.

The flavors of the courses for my meal would be sweet, salty, pungent, sour, umami, creamy, bitter, earthy and fresh. I’d want the textures to be soft, chewy, crisp and crunchy. I’d want to be simultaneously comforted and surprised and I’d want to eat with my eyes as I eat with my mouth. I’d want the meal to test the limits of my imagination.

Let’s be honest though: my imagination is limited. I know some things about food, but there are flavors I haven’t even experienced yet. I care deeply and passionately about the culinary arts, but it’s not my entire life and I am by no means an expert.

That’s why I’m so excited to attend the next meeting at Charlie’s Burgers. An executive sous-chef from one of the top restaurants in Canada has constructed the menu he would select for his very last meal on earth.

I can only imagine what it will be like.


  1. Hi Jess. I don't think your imagination is limited - or maybe I just have a really unsophisticated palate.

    Here's what I hope my last meal on earth would consist of:
    - Extra crispy bacon and poached eggs (I like to gamble)
    - Pizza slice from Famous Rays in NYC (plain cheese)
    - Pasta with tomato sauce
    - Filet mignon and baked potato

    I'm not sure I could finish everything, but those are the flavours I'd crave (I'm craving them now).

    I'm going light on the fruits and veggies, but I suppose I'll have an eternity to eat healthier...

  2. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your menu.

    I think it's so interesting to hear what people might eat if it were for pleasure alone. I like your selections; they are comforting and I think that's important for a last meal. I'm pretty sure we'd all want to eat something familiar.

    As much as I loved Victor DeGuzman's choices for a special meal at Charlie's Burgers, those would not be *my* last meal. Upon thinking about it a little more, I'd probably add homemade mac and cheese (with penne instead of mac.) Then again, I might just be saying that because it's raining outside...

    I second the limitation on fruits and veggies. A last meal is no time for lettuce.

    I'd love to hear what others would want as their last meal on earth. Feel free to add your thoughts.