More nightmare candy

By overwhelming and popular request, here are some more photos of the Bill Jamieson's place/ museum. I'm just trying to build suspense for the food photos. (Patience, my friends.)

A small representation of the host's taxidermy collection.

Some context for the basement and the spiral staircase. (Someone dressed appropriately for the evening, no?):

Assorted menacing and ancient weaponry:

The living room mantel: pretty typical. My parents have the same set.

Be good: the electric chair.


  1. Just realized I broke the "promise" from my last post ensuring the next one would be about food. Oh well. In due course...

  2. I'm more than a little bit jealous of your dinner, Jess! Unfortunately food allergies eliminate things like Chef's tasting menus and underground dinner parties from my diet. I am anxiously awaiting the dinner post.

  3. Are you allergic to nuts? My friend Jenny who was sitting across from me was allergic to shellfish so she had to skip the first two courses (after the bison hors d'œuvres.)

    I'm excited for the dinner post too!

  4. I'm allergic to shellfish. I guess I took the "Charlie's Burgers is not for those who can't or won't eat" pretty literally when I got my application!