How does Twitter relate to food?

After attending Canada's web conference, MeSH, I'm finding it hard to be away from a computer. My nerd-saturation levels are dangerously high. I had a terrific time: got to meet lots of smart and cool people who like to learn, see some awesome speeches from people like Mayor Miller and Mike Masnick, and eat catered lunches and drink free drinks.

I had the opportunity to meet Amanda Laird, kindred spirit in both occupation and food bloggery. When avatars come to life it can be so exciting! We discussed how to write about MeSH in our respective food blogs since eating is not really the main focus of the event.

Naturally there was a lot of Twittering during the conference. The audience would be watching a speaker and then simultaneously monitoring Twitter meta-conversations and maybe writing a blog post at the same time.

For those of you who come here to read about food, you might be wondering how this relates. Well, I've noticed a new trend on Twitter of people creating profiles devoted exclusively to their eating habits.

The first person I've came across was StaceyEats. Her tweets list the various foods she eats throughout the day and her avatar is a picture of her biting into an apple. (So funny!)

I love this idea and am tempted to copy. One trick that people use when dieting is to keep a written record of all the food they eat with the idea that seeing "2 Quarter-Pounders, 3 chocolate bars, 5 cups of coffee, etc...." might compel them to alter their eating habits in a kind of forced acknowledgement.

Although I'm not on a diet, I'm still compelled to record all my food consumption, even if temporarily. Better yet, I could devote a Twitter account exclusively to food I cook and then link it to this blog...

What do you think? Is there any use for Twitter in recording ones eating or cooking habits? Do you find this idea hilariously charming or have I just spent too long in the nerd-o-sphere?


  1. Hey lady, so lovely to meet you too. And I was so disappointed that we didn't get to connect over our delicious Richtree breakfast this morning. I think what we need to do is connect over a delicious lunch sometime very soon. Are you free next week?

    I have some photos of Tuesday afternoon's cocktail buffet table. I couldn't get enough of those vegetable chips! I am so brain drained I don't know if I could possibly get a post out any time soon. Definitely taking the weekend off to eat mini eggs.

  2. Amanda, I would love to have a delicious lunch this week. I'll send you a tweet shortly. I hope you had a lovely chocolate0-filled Easter and I look forward to more of your great posts.