I didn't forget; I just have a limit on the number of photos I can display in one post.

The dessert was a cashew, praline and meringue torte accompanied by mangosteen, coconut caramel ice cream. It was served with "White Nun" Vecchia Romagna Brandy, something I wouldn't have ordered myself, but I was so glad that it was selected for me.

To summarize this whoel meal experience, I would have to say it was heavenly, heavenly, heavenly. The beauty of a menu fixe is that you get to experience things you might not have chosen for yourself. I would not have selected these items for a last meal, but I'm so grateful that Chef DeGuzman did.

Many thanks to Charlie for putting on the dinner party of the year.


  1. Well worth the wait, Jess. Your meal looked absolutely, positively amazing.

  2. Thanks Amanda! If you're on the menu list for Charlie's maybe you can wait for a meal with no shellfish! (My colleagues have a theory that they're going to develop a restaurant after all this secret business. Time will tell..