Chocolate Gets Scapegoated

In a cruel and twisted turn of events, a Scottish representative for the British Medical Association, Dr. David Walker, recommends a tax on chocolate. Junkfood Science explains the details here. Apparently, the tax is being considered in an effort to fight obesity.

Um... I ain't no doctor, but I don't think chocolate kills people: people eating too much chocolate kills people. Even then, chocolate might be responsible for making you a little more rotund, but I think of cocoa connoisseurs as gourmands, not morbidly obese people who can't get out of bed. If medical associations are considering a ban on chocolate, they should also have a restriction on people who purchase 12 chickens a day to eat themselves.

This suggestion is arbitrary at best and prejudicial against chocolate. Not all cocoa is created equal. The flavanoids in dark chocolate act as anti-oxidants against free radicals in our body. When was the last time Skittles did something like that for you?

If you're going to start a battle against junkfood, Doc, you could pick something far worse than chocolate.


  1. As long as they don't conspire against bacon.

  2. Ha ha, even better. The bacon meme has gotten a book deal: